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Exfoliating 101

Chances are that if you don't exfoliate daily or weekly, your skin is covered in dead skin cells. When these are left on the surface of your skin, they can cause the skin to not only look dull, but older. Without proper exfoliation (if you wear make up) foundation won't smooth over your skin cleanly and moisturizer won't properly soak in.

You should exfoliate with your scrub of your choice two-three times a week (over exfoliating can dry out or damage the skin). Apply the scrub in a circular motion and rinse with warm water. I recommend using your hands instead of a washcloth to exfoliate. If washcloths are not switched out daily they can hold bacteria and can potentially cause acne break outs.

*make sure you are thoroughly washing your hands before and after exfoliating*

Which products do I recommend for exfoliating?

I personally recommend my Aloe Vera Scrub for exfoliating and as an acne treatment. Aloe Vera Calms the skin and helps treats skin conditions such as acne, acne scarring, inflammation and more. If you don't have the following conditions my brown sugar scrub is great for all skin types and ages (Gently Removes dead skin cells, leaves your face/body with a "polished look".)

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Self-Care ❤

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