Press on Nails Length and Size Guide

Press on Nails Length and Size Guide

Having difficulty identifying your favourite nail shape? Allow me to provide you with some assistance...


Natural Gel and Sculpted Gel

We offer various styles of nails for our press-ons, and this guide will assist you in selecting your preferred style. Our press-on nails come in natural and sculpted styles, each with its unique appearance. The natural gel style features a thinner and more natural-looking nail bed, closely resembling your own nails. In contrast, the sculpted gel style has a higher apex and a more contoured structure, giving it an acrylic-like finish. Our natural gel nails are used for shorter lengths, while the structured gel is used for longer lengths to achieve a classic salon-like finish. 


Sculpted Gel Nail 




Natural Gel Nail

XL Press on Nails 

In the XL Press on Nails range we offer 2 styles: Coffin, Stiletto.


XL Coffin Nail Shape 

XL Stiletto Shape















Long Press on Nails 

In the Long Press on Nail range, we offer 4 styles: Coffin, Stiletto, Almond, Square


Long Coffin Shape


Long Stiletto Shape


Long Square Shape


Long Almond Shape 

Medium Press on Nails

In the Medium Press on Nails Range, we offer 4 styles: Almond, Square, Stiletto, and Coffin.


Medium Square Shape


Medium Almond Shape


Medium Coffin Shape


Medium Stiletto Shape 

Short Press on Nails 

in the Short Press on Nails range, we offer 2 styles: Almond, Square


Short Almond Shape


Short Square Shape



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